Online Communication

Though some people say that telepathy exists and that there are mind-readers in this world, most of us have got as far as online communication. That’s not to degrade communication over the Web. Just as the discovery of fire was an important milestone in the lives of stone-age men and women, online or electronic communication has been a significant achievement of the modern world. And if you had lived in the middle-ages, you would have equated online communication with magic of some sort.What’s Online Communication All About?Online communication is a subject that’s diverse and multidimensional and which includes several aspects in its gamut. The domain of online communication includes everything from emails and online chats to web conferencing and video conferencing. While chats and emails help you to communicate with people without seeing them, video and web conferencing allow you to link up with people, talk to them, brainstorm, explain things to them and do a lot more, while you see them. Moreover, video and web conferencing help in real time collaborations and in smarter online communication.Online Communication: Video ConferencingOnline communication in the form of video conferencing has many applications and advantages. Video conferencing is used extensively in corporate offices for meetings. That’s because this form of online communication is relatively cheap as compared to communication through formal meetings and conferences. A video conference is a type of online communication that can be organized in a jiffy, depending on the video conferencing software that you’re using. Most branded video conferencing software allows you to set up a platform for multipoint online communication, in no time. You just have to inform the conference attendees so that they can join the conference. Video conferencing software can generally be integrated with video chat facilities and the VoIP facility so that people can chat with each other and talk and listen to each other through headphones while conferring. Product demonstrations, on-the-job training sessions, PowerPoint presentations, and other explanatory sessions can easily be hosted effectively through video conferencing.Video conferencing software also comes with whiteboard facilities so that presenters can use the virtual whiteboard to make the subject-matter of the conference more comprehensible. Bullet points and diagrams displayed on the virtual whiteboard can help attendees make sense of the virtual conference and understand the subject-matter better. Video conferencing software also permits the facility of ‘remote desktop sharing’. This facility allows conference participants to access and manipulate the presenter’s desktop. The remote desktop sharing facility is of particular utility in training sessions. Complicated processes become lucid as trainees get a chance to perform or try out the processes on the presenter’s computer screen via remote desktop access. The remote desktop access also enables the participants to understand the features of an application as they can actually fiddle with the software from their own desktops while it is being shown on the presenter’s desktop.Video conferencing is a type of online communication that diminishes the costs of hosting a normal and formal meeting by a substantial extent. A formal meeting entails all sorts of expenditures. These may be in the form of venue charges, meeting snacks, luncheons and dinners, accommodation charges for out-station participants, meeting stationery and kit charges, meeting equipment charges, etc. An online communication in the form of a video conference saves a lot of finances as people can attend the conference even though they are located far away from each other. There’s no need to spend money on the venue, food, equipment, stationery, and hotels and guest houses, if you host a video conference. The benefits and dynamism of a web or a video conference have made this form of online communication more popular than the traditional conference.Online Communication: Emails and ChatsOnline communication makes the communication process more rapid. For instance, if you sent a letter to your friend, the letter would take some time to be delivered. Whereas, if you communicated with your friend via the email, you’d be able to communicate at a greater speed. And chats can make the communication process even faster by allowing you to communicate with people, instantaneously.Importance of Organization in Online CommunicationBut online communication has to go hand-in-hand with organization, if it is to be effective online communication. Even video conferencing needs proper organization. Most platforms for online communication that are available in the market today, concentrate only on the presentation part of the communication. But presentation is only the end-product of online communication, not the source or the basis. The chief ingredient of any effective online communication is organization. Presentation is only the outcome, the success of which rests on the foundation or bedrock of organization. So, if online communication’s got to be productive, result-oriented, emphatic and informative, it has to be organized and methodical. Meaning that what you’re going to say and whom you’re going to say it to, are things that have to be pre-arranged. While video conferencing takes care of the ‘how’ part, i.e. how you’re going to say what you have to say, something or somebody has to take care of the ‘what’ and the ‘whom’ facets.That’s where the online diary planner figures. A web-based application that’s been built using cutting-edge technology, the online diary planner provides advanced conference and business solutions and enhances the process of online communication. A reliable online diary planner helps you to map out strategies and chalk out goals and provides you the expertise that you need for conference and business organization and management. Apart from allowing you to store data of various categories, retrieve data in seconds, it offers you the benefit of professional networking. With a reliable online diary planner, you can share your meeting and agenda details with the people you want, instantaneously.It boosts the process of online communication dramatically as it helps people to engage in meaningful online discussions before the meeting so that they can decide and agree on the meeting agenda. You can also send emails through an authentic online diary planner to people who have and who don’t have accounts with the webapp. When sending emails through an online diary planner, PDF versions of the meeting and agenda details are automatically generated and sent as attachments. A genuine online diary planner is a substantive web-based application as it is one of the few online gizmos that aids in collective data organization as well as in online communication. It helps you to be the dominant player and a winner in a fast-paced, competitive environment. A genuine online diary planner compels you to work with robotic precision while enabling you to think creatively. For convincing and potent online communication, use the online diary planners for meetings and conferences that have been recommended by Wikipedia. Wikipedia is an encyclopedia and a source of unbiased and authentic information. When Wikipedia recommends and mentions the names of some online diary planners for the effective management of meetings and conferences, then those online diary planners must be truly excellent for the glitch-free management of meetings and conferences.

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